"Through The Canvas Peace Project artists learn about what women in South Sudan have endured for decades. The hope is that through the power of art we can educate the public about the ongoing conflicts in the region and provide opportunity for many of these women."

- Cynthia Davis, Artist

The Cause

The Canvas Peace Project is a grassroots effort organized by artists inspired by Gabriel Bol Deng, One of the Lost Boys of Sudan. Gabriel founded the organization Hope For Ariang to bring primary education to his war torn village in South Sudan. I met Gabriel in 2008 and became a board member of Hope for Ariang. Watching the development in Ariang has been life changing for me;​ beginning with seeing the villagers have clean water for the first time, to having their first protected area in which to learn. The children will be the first literate generation in Ariang.  Gabriel truly believes that the empowerment of the mothers in the village will bring about the biggest change for the children and education. Through their training we hope to teach the women to run a small food market and school food program beneficial to the children's education.  As an artist I believe that art can inspire and empower as well. Through our expression of art, we hope to tell more of the story of the lives of these women.

Canvas Peace Project Exhibits

We are currently running on-line auctions with featured paintings/sculptures that raise awareness and funds for girls in South Sudan.

If you are interested in being a featured artist for our next auction, please contact us at







Women in South Sudan have faced double oppression - as Southerners, they have faced violence from the North, and they are struggling for equality within their own community as Southerners.

- By Jen Marlowe, for the Pulitzer Center