Local Painters find connection to Women in Need

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Linda Francis painted with The Pink House painters in Westport, CT since 2005.  Linda has already completed three paintings for The Sudan Canvas Project.
“I love the subject matter, The paintings have an incredible mood” she says, “I feel a connection to the women, their patience and their friendship with each other”.
Her  paintings reflect the contrast between the colorful, vibrant garments and the  vast emptiness of the desert.

Linda was so moved by Gabriel’s story that she joined the committee for the project and works weekly on promoting the event at The fairfield Arts Center where local artists will exhibit their paintings about Sudanese women on November 27th. “What we are doing is making me so much more aware of what is going on in Sudan. During  South Sudan’s Independence Day, I was watching TV and I saw an image of an old man walking into his village. I had to stop and rewind the television. I was so struck by the way he held himself. It was like it was his independence too.” says Linda


Arlene Skutch, also from Westport, started the Pink House Painters forty years ago. She says of the artists who paint there, “All these women have big hearts. They think globally, as a lot of artists do, and if  they can help, it is in their nature to do so”. When asked what inspired her to do a painting for the project she said, “I was impressed with Gabriel. He came out of such chaos a completley balanced human being. He is a symbol of survival.” Her painting depicts war through colorful movement and franticness. She calls it “Exodus” as it illustartes the escape from the burning village. Arlene also expressed her connection with the women in  the Sudanese village of Ariang.” The women are the nest builders and the ones who are industrious enough to make things happen. Investing in the women will make the biggest difference in the village and overall in areas where corrupt regimes are in power”. The artists of The Pink House Painters have put their hearts into this project and we will continue to highlight them on the Sudan Canvas Project Blog.

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  1. What a wonderful tribute to Arlene Skutch – This is a thorough and accurate description of the most loved woman I have every known. We all miss her so much. Thank you Cynthia, for this beautiful remembrance.

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