Sudan Canvas Project Artsists Are Painters With A Passion

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Fairfield Ct’s Karen Kent’s paintings were moving and inspiring at The Sudan Canvas Project exhibit at The Fairfield Arts Center on November 27.

Her painting, Aluel, was inspired by a real Sudanese child. “Her expression and her innocence and her  ’What is going to happen next look’ is what inspired me.” says Kent. “It’s hard to believe we are on the same planet as women who aren’t valued in countries like Sudan.  I was struck by the elegance of the women and the color they adorn even as they are fetching water.” Kent continued.

Jane DiCarlo of Bridgeport, also a painter for the project, says,” I looked at all kinds of photographs about Sudan on the internet and newspaper. I wanted to portray the devastation and loss of hope. My painting depicts a sense of loss and not knowing where to go for help.”

Jane and Karen’s paintings were an extremely important part of the exhibit in Fairfield to raise awareness for the constant struggle of women in Sudan. Some paintings will continue on  to a traveling exhibit, the next slated for Syracuse, NY this spring.


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