Coco Melvin is all about peace and happiness!

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Corrine Coco Melvin is the Founder and CEO of SMILES. We are excited to introduce to you a new participating artist in the Canvas Peace Project, who’s work will be exhibited on March 17 in Syracuse, New York. As a peace activist, Coco works to unite people, and accept differences to come together on a unified front.

Coco’s desire to paint came from wanting to simply bring happiness into her home for her and her toddler son, after she had endured a difficult marriage. Her style of painting comes from a place of wanting to bring peace and happiness, mixed in with joy.

“My work is called, “A People United” and really to sum it up, it’s about unity, diversity, peace, and happiness,” this is how Coco describes her artwork. Within “A People United,” Coco has created characters that convey this heartfelt message.

Coco is involved in multiple types of peace work. “My peace work works with the types of pieces I do,” Melvin says (referring to her artwork). Melvin also leads workshops for children about finding the peace within, love within themselves, creativity, and to share and bring love peace to other people. “I always knew from childhood that I would be involved in peace work. When I was approached about The Canvas Peace Project, I was elated!”

“What I create, demonstrate, produce and sell, is Happiness. A positive sentiment, and personalized synergy for self-development, well-being, and lifestyle enrichment. I use my various artistic and creative tools (coaching, art, designs, books, 3R’s motivational tapes, seminars, etc.) to uplift, inspire and stimulate the creative senses which benefits one to create phenomenal results in their daily life and calling,” states Melvin as she describes herself and how she’s gotten to her current time in her life. Coco has four of her books on her website that you can purchase, The Happiness Pledge Book- Steps to Create the Life Intended for You!, A Children’s Book: A people United- The Joy and Happiness Book, New Beginnings, and LOVE- Leave Out Various Emotions.

Coco Melvin is a self-taught artist that currently resides in Norwalk, Connecticut. The painting that Coco is donating to The Canvas Peace Project is called, “Unity”and is 30×36 acrylics on stretched canvas.

“When I worked on this painting, the message I wanted to convey was about Unity, Solidarity, Celebration, Happiness. So, the sun is shooting happiness bullets over Sudan rather than bullets of destruction and sadness. We celebrate and join forces to stomp out the blood shed in Africa so that war and genocide for the Sudanese people will be no more,” says Coco.

Blog written by Emily Schmerzler, CPP Intern and Blog Writer


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