Kathy Mitchell-Lover of Colors, Art, and Nature

Posted on: August 7th, 2014 by Kaitlyn Cardey


“I love the painting.  I love the colors.  I hope it helps the people.”  Kathy Mitchell, a Vermont artist, tells me of the painting that she recently donated to the Canvas Peace Project.  The painting pictured above will be shown at the upcoming exhibit this October 11-18  in Burlington, Vermont at the Skinny Pancake.  She said that she used one of the photos (shown below) from Mia Farrow’s album on our website as inspiration for her painting.

“I focused in on the right, obviously, but I just love the colors.”  Her painting is an acrylic made on a 20 x 24 canvas.  She hopes that the proceeds from the sale of her painting will help the people in the  South Sudan.

She has been drawing for most of her life.  ”I’ve always done it,” she tells me.  ”I find it meditative.”  Thirty-five to forty years ago she began painting and continues to this day.  Her day job involves painting the interiors of houses and painting murals on bedroom walls.  ”I just recently painted a mural of three dolphins over a child’s bed.”


Mural with Lion     Mural with deer


Kathy has many other artistic talents as well.  ”I make jewelry out of silver, brass, and copper.”  On her website she says, “All of my pieces are made by my hand, beginning with metal in sheet or wire form, and each is one of a kind. Nature and Native American designs have been a strong influence in my jewelry.”



She sells most of her jewelry on her website along with many of her other paintings.  ”I especially love painting portraits, animals, and nature.”



Kathy told me that she went to South Africa for 3 weeks and that she would love to go back and do things to help the animals.  She has a love for animals especially small ones.  Kathy has 15 chickens, a couple peacocks, and 2 turkeys.  ”They are not for human consumption,” she tells me when I ask if she is fattening them up for Thanksgiving Dinner.  ”They are my friends!”  She is extremely protective of her animals, as well.  As if to underscore this, while on the phone with me she was forced to disconnect in order to save her chickens from a fox.  That’s pretty much sums up Kathy Mitchell; lover of colors, art, and animals.


Blog written by Kaitlyn Cardey, CPP Intern and Blog Writer

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