The Sudan Canvas Project  is currently featuring artists from Fairfield County, Connecticut. Artists can be reached for private interviews for local features. If you are a member of the press and are interested in interviewing one of the artists, please contact us at for artists direct contact information.




Jill Gordon photo

Jill Gordon

Jill Gordon has been studying art and painting for many years. A graduate of the University of Connecticut, she has studied at The School of Visual Arts in New York; The Silvermine Art Guild in New Canaan, CT; Great River Arts in Vermont and with Arlene Skutch and Claudia Mengel, both well known Westport artists and teachers. Her corporate careers were in advertising and the hospitality industry Ms. Gordon has exhibited in many shows of note.  Among them are: the annual Westport Downtown Art Show, The Ridgefield Guild of Artists show; Rockwell Galleries in Wilton and Westport; The Stuart Collection in Martha’s Vineyard; The Nature Center of Westport; The Pequot Library in Southport; The Westport Arts Center; the Westport Historical Society; the University of Connecticut, Stamford and The Carriage Barn Arts Center, New Canaan.  Her work is in private collections throughout New England, New York and Florida.


Born in New York City, Ms. Gordon and her husband currently reside in Westport, CT.



Wendy Maccordy photo

Wendy Maccordy

Wendy MacCordy lives in Westport, CT with her husband and 2 children. Wendy majored in Art History and Fine Arts at Dickinson College and then continued her studies at the Parson School of Design in New York, New York. Originally an oil painter, Wendy switched to watercolor when she had her children and never switched back. Wendy discovered that she loves the challenge, complexity and unforgiving beauty of the watercolor medium. In particular, Wendy enjoys painting scenes from photographs that she has taken in scenic Connecticut towns and while on vacation with her family. For the last 10 years, Wendy has painted in a studio environment surrounded by fellow artists and has been featured in numerous local shows. She has received increasing recognition for her work and is willing to accept commissioned assignments. Wendy’s paintings are in several private collections and have been donated for live and silent auction fundraisers.



Linda Francis- Westport, CT


Linda Francis photo

Linda Francis

Linda Franics had the ambition for years to paint from the many photographs she had taken.   “With “artist license” I would have the ability to eliminate the unsightly elements from them”. In 2004 she started painting in still life classes at Silvermine Guild and from there to a figure class in 2005 and portraiture in 2007 and 2008.


In 2005 Linda was introduced to Arlene Skutch and her Pink House Painters. Arlene’s low-key suggestions have helped with color, and Linda continues to attend her workshops where she paints landscapes and cityscapes from the photos taken.


Her exhibitions include: Member shows at Westport Art Center, Waveny Carriage Barn Arts Center, and Fairfield Arts Center, Pink House Painter Shows at Waveny Carriage Barn, Westport Historical Society, UCONN gallery in Stamford, and Fairfield Arts Center.




Barbara Cronin photo

Barbara Cronin

I am a mother of four teenagers residing in Fairfield, CT.

My life long passion has been photography.

I fell into painting quite by accident. In search of an art class for my then 7 year old, I was given Arlene Skutch’s name of “The Pink House Painters”. I went to her class to find out if it would be right for my daughter. I walked into the class to find only adults. I was in awe of the talent in the room. Arlene talked me into sitting down to sketch a scene.  At the time I could barely make a recognizable stick figure.

I found out I could draw what I saw. I have now been at “The Pink House Painters” for 9 years. My photography is now seen through the eyes of a painter. The most inspiring paintings I have done have been for the “Sudan Canvas Project”.